Advantages landlord and tenant

Advantages landlord and tenant

By admin on 26 July 2017 in Our APP

An industrial washer-dryer combination with a filling capacity of 10 kg costs € 4,266 and lasts no less than 30,000 washes. This equates to 210,000 kg of clean laundry. 

If Wash Connect is used for new construction or renovation, the client saves, among other things, in space, purchase costs for installing a power connection and the installation of a separate water connection. The landlord will also not have to take into account the separate realization of water drainage and extra ventilation. An additional advantage of using Wash Connect is that the risk of leaks due to a leaking washing machine or mold formation in the event of insufficient ventilation in the rented homes is reduced to a minimum.  

Industrial machines versus private white goods

  For one wash, costs for the use of water, detergent, depreciation and maintenance costs and use of energy must be taken into account. Energy consumption in particular is what makes washing expensive, especially when washing at a higher temperature (Nibud, 2020).  

*At an electricity rate (June 2020) of 22.03 euro cents per kWh (including 21 percent VAT) and a water rate of € 1.15 per m3 (including 9 percent VAT). Rounded amounts. Source: CBS and Vewin, calculation Nibud 2020
Average cost per wash, at different temperatures in €*
  90°C 60°C 40°C 30°C
Electricity 0,48 0,26 0,17 0,08
Water 0,06 0,06 0,06 0,06
Washing powder 0,18 0,18 0,18 0,18
Depreciation / maintenance 0,55 0,55 0,55 0,55
Total 1,27 1,05 0,95 0,87


User benefits

A household washing machine with a filling capacity of 7 kg and a purchase price of €900 lasts an average of 3500 washes. When the customer opts for Wash Connect and therefore for industrial washing machines and dryers, it ensures that the tenant can save costs for purchase and maintenance. In addition, an industrial machine consumes less energy and water, which is positive for the environment and indirectly also provides a saving on the energy bill of the tenant (Professional washing machine, Z.D.).  

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