About Us

What is Wash & Play…. where did it start?

Wash & Play is a young company that installs washrooms in various forms of collective housing, such as; university campuses, student housing and social housing.

We offer Affordable Prices, Quality, Safety and Convenience!

At the moment 28 locations are active with 5500 users spread over Belgium and France. However, the wish is to expand with locations in the Netherlands.

Recognized in Belgium, emerging in the Netherlands

Wash & Play is known for its unique concept where machines are installed at locations and Wash & Play will bear the full costs of this.

This implies; the financing of the devices, installation costs, adaptation work and maintenance. This completely unburdens the customer and provides an all-in service concept.

There are often already existing washrooms within buildings in the Netherlands, but here a lack of maintenance has arisen on the existing appliances, which are not environmentally friendly and leave a large ecological footprint. As companies become more and more aware of the environment and sustainability, Wash & Play an ideal solution to meet this.

Having a shared laundry washing and drying facility is of great benefit to both the residents and the housing society for several reasons. Robust semi-industrial machines with higher capacity than normal machines are used which ensures impeccable results with a short cycle time, a very cost efficient system, the convenience of remote monitoring using a smartphone application. In addition, everything is located in a central location, which saves space for individual housing units.