How it works

First collect all your dirty laundry, then book a washing machine or dryer with our app. Then wash and dry your clothes and you're done! It's that easy!

The app can be used to check how many machines are currently in use to avoid a pointless trip to the washroom. The washroom features include instructions on how to use the machines, advice on how to wash the clothes and direct contact details of the technical service.

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Why use Wash & Play?

Having a shared laundry washing and drying facility is a great benefit to both residents and owners for several reasons.

It means robust industrial standard equipment with high capacity for impeccable results with a short cycle time! A very cost-efficient system, the ease of remote monitoring using our application, no hardware purchases or repair costs, space savings for individual housing units, which are also protected against noise pollution and the risk of damage from moisture or water leaks, and a more environmentally friendly solution.

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Our Advantages

Reason to Signup and get the APP
No investment

Wash and Play supports all costs for purchasing the machines, converting the space, installation and maintenance.

All-in technical service

Our team of technicians is directly accessible to all users and will always respond to any reported problem within 48 hours.

Reserve & Pay

With the app, residents/students can reserve a washing machine or dryer, monitor progress remotely and pay.

Industrial machines

Our industrial grade machines can wash/dry up to 10kg of laundry at a time, meaning large items such as duvets or jackets can be washed.


We also offer our services affordable for smaller residential blocks from 20 users. You can pay very easily via an app that you can download.

Competitive prices

Our prices are competitive with the rest of the industry, to keep them affordable for as many users as possible while maintaining the maximum quality of service.

Our latest news

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Contact us

If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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