How it works

Clean laundry in 4 simple steps!

1. Organize

Organize your clothes you want to wash

2. Reserve

Download our APP and reserve a machine

3. Wash

You can wash and dry up to 10 kg each time

4. Collect

That is it!
Now you can pick up your clothes!

Wash & Play installs washrooms in apartment buildings, university campuses, student housing, social housing and other forms of collective housing.

All you need to do is provide us with a room, which we equip in an optimal, user-friendly way.

Having a shared facility for washing and drying laundry is a great benefit to both residents and owners for several reasons: it means robust industry standard equipment with high capacity for impeccable results with a short cycle time, a very cost efficient system , the ease of remote monitoring using our application, no hardware purchases or repair costs, space savings for individual housing units, which are also protected against noise pollution and the risk of damage from moisture or water leaks, and a more environmentally friendly solution